Rejection and disappointment. These are constants in sales. Any strong sales process must include a dose of mental shampoo to rinse out the negativity and condition your soul with a positive mindset. Today we are going to explore rejection and how to deal with it.

Often, the customer doesn’t answer. This is a kind of “rejection by omission.” Frequently, more work is needed to get a “yes.” Sometimes, even after a yes, a deal falls through. It happens. Prospects will sometimes say yes just to get out of the phone call. We famously say, yes is the hardest objection to overcome, but more on that another day.

Accepting that rejection exists is one thing, but what do we do about it?

Having a process is key.

There are a ton of great tricks for this. Perhaps best encapsulated by the phrase “Some will, Some won’t, So what, next!” There are some variations, but we like this one best. There’s another philosophy that losing a deal, perhaps a big deal, warrants a moment to catch your breath and absorb the loss but then quickly getting back into the swing of things. The key is not to stop never stopping.

What does it all mean?

It isn’t defeatist to accept that not every call is a win. Not every pitch will become a deal. Not every deal will close. You know what? How terrible would it be if they did? It would be like the curse of King Midas. It’s the challenge of losing the sale that makes winning so much fun! Disappointment and defeat come and go, but get back on the horse.

To sum up, Rejection and Disappointment happen, what matters is how you react to it when it does. The next time a phone slams down or a deal falls apart, shake it off and move right on to the next one. If you’re beating your head against the wall and need help, call us and we can tag in!