At SalesBountyHunter, one of the services we provide is to help your business with recruiting top talent. Whether you have an active job post or are thinking about long-term growth for your business, we can help you fill key roles in your organization.

We accomplish sourcing through a number of techniques. First, we have a network of candidates ranging from administrative, sales, IT, marketing, management, and executive backgrounds. Our mission is to engage with talent and develop a reputation for finding people their dream jobs. It is a point of pride when candidates refer friends and family with a kind word about their experience with us.

Secondly, we leverage years of experience as a hiring manager across a variety of roles to attract and carefully screen talent to fit your needs and culture. This may be a job post (or three), using social network tools, or old-fashioned techniques of reaching out directly to potential candidates.

Lastly, we follow a headhunter model, identifying top-tier candidates who are not actively searching. Generally, this is for executive, C-Suite, or attorney positions. These candidates are hard to find and our clients have specific needs. This is where Bounty Hunting skills come in handy.

Our slogan was devised for sales consulting, but it applies here too, You Eat What We Kill.

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