What is SalesBountyHunter?

Bounty Hunters. Safe to say I have been obsessed since Darth Vader enlisted a motley crew of bounty hunters to track down Han Solo. Vader assembled a team of closers to get the deal done. Including an assassin robot, a barefoot lizard man, a bandaged guy, a bug faced dude and his evil C-3PO and the original BMF Boba Fett.

Vader hired them because he needed to bring in the big guns.

The Empire, literally have the biggest gun in the form of the Death Star, and they saw value in bringing in some outside help. Maybe some quarry are too important to let escape.

Ultimately, what attracted me to this idea is that I think I can help small businesses be more successful. The talent marketplace today is a grind and many founders and businesses don’t have the bandwidth needed to conduct a proper search. And then, even after hiring the right crew, finding the time to train them the right way – forget about it.

SalesBountyHunter can help!

Whether you need:

A) Us to actually pick up the phone and call out to customers;

B) Our assistance with a sales recruiting effort;

C) Fractional Sales Management to get your crew to the next level.

At SalesBountyHunter we make your goals our goals.