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 We are dedicated to helping businesses find employees who can help them grow, prosper, and run more effectively. As a trusted partner, we study the specific skills, qualifications, and qualities our clients are looking for in new employees. And then we bring a solutions-oriented approach to finding the right applicants.

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We are devoted to very high standards of communication, friendliness, and availability. Customer service is what sets us apart from the competition. Our clients and candidates say we are trusted, reputable, and dedicated. Customer service and client satisfaction are our calling. We pride ourselves on delivering in a way that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Check out what our Clients say: “John you were a wonderful support and great resource to my firm!
Reach out to John if you are looking! I was grateful for his time, attention and support! Thank you John!!”

“Great company! Helped us in a huge way to get fully staffed.”

“John Brandes is a dedicated recruiter with a commitment to the success of his clients which includes matching the perfect candidates with the perfect firm.”

John Brandes SalesBountyHunter & Recruiter Headhunter

Are you a law firm or a sales organization looking for top talent?  We help all sorts of businesses but are especially focused on these categories. We place from Attorney to Administrative roles.

Are you looking for new employees to help your business grow and succeed? Do you have questions about how we can be your partner for attracting job candidates? We help you track down the talent you need.

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And remember, with SalesBountyHunter “You Eat What We Kill!”

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